Erfahrungsbericht aus Alaska

Moritz war 2014/2015 zum Jahresaustausch in Alaska.

Nach fünf Monaten im Gastland schreibt er folgenden offenen Brief: 
"My name is Moritz. Right now, I’m on an exchange year in district 5010 (Alaska and Yukon territory) through the Rotary Exchange Program. This letter is for everyone who is involved in the worldwide youth program of Rotary and for those how just heard about it and want to know more.

5 month ago I started this adventure at the airport of my home city Hannover in Germany.
I said goodbye to my family, my friends, everyone I know and told them I will be back next year. If I’m honest, that was a lie. Why?

Because I will never be the same person again, which I was 5 month ago. 5 month was enough to change my entire life. Everything began in December 2012. I saw rotariens selling different thing for foundations and what Rotary is. One of these rotariens asked me, if I want to know what this is all about and this moment was my first contact with Rotary. After a while this man asked me what I’m going to do in the next years and after school. I told him that I want to graduate from high school and then go to university, but in my high school years I want to do an exchange in a foreign country. After I said that the man couldn’t stop talking about this amazing youth program Rotary is offering. We had a very long conversation and I gave him my email address, so he would contact me for more information. The problem was, I didn’t heard anything from him till I contact the district and was signed in the program in November the following year.

I faced the longest week of my life. 30 pages long form applications, appointments at a variety of doctors, interviews with my principal and a lot more. All this for a year as a student in another country. That was November 2013. The following month till august were a mixture between orientations, interviews and waiting, a lot of waiting. Now 5 month later, in January 2015, I know what all that effort was for. I have the best year in my life and no words could describe how I am feeling right now.

Everything I can say is thank you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Everything I learned over the time as an Outbound in my district 1800, I could use in my life over here. Rotariens, Rotexer, Rebouns, Inbounds and parents taught me, how to be an ambassador for my country. Every single group of these people taught me a lesson, which I had to know. For these lessons I am grateful and I want to say thank you! This is not about me or my exchange, this about all the people who made it happen that I am where I am and that all the other exchange students are where they are. Rotariens, Rotexer, Rebounds, Inbounds and parents; Every student who is out in this world with the Rotary Youth exchange program is there, because you made it happen. Nobody of you is getting a dime for all the work you are doing and for me, all the money on earth would not be enough to pay for your service. No matter if it’s the sponsoring country or the hosting country, each person who is involved in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program should be honored, because you and us make the world a better place, each student at a time!"

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