Inbound Insurances

All Inbound Students coming to Germany have to buy a German Insurance before they leave home to travel to Germany. The insurance is underwritten by the HanseMerkur Versicherungs AG. The insurance covers the risks health, liability and accident.

Long Term Exchange students buy an insurance cover for 12 months;
Short Term Exchange students buy an insurance cover for the length of their stay –including the days of travel- from 1 to 90 days.

All students must buy a Travel Health Insurance (Long Term: 385 Euro per 12 months; Short Term: 0,95 Euro per day) plus a Travel Accident, Liability and Emergency Insurance (Long Term: 50 Euro per 12 months; Short Term: 0,20 Euro per day). Both types of insurance are compulsory.

The insurance meets the RI requirements. In accordance with the Rotary exchange rules all students have to have a Health and Liability Insurance. The German Rotary District Governors have decided that all Inbound students coming to Germany have to be insured with the German Insurance Company Hanse-Merkur Versicherungs AG.

The insurance has to be bought online before the student leaves home to travel to Germany; the Guarantee Form only can be returned after the student has bought insurance. The insurance policy is a contract between the parents/legal guardians of the exchange student and the HanseMerkur Versicherungs AG. Please read the insurance conditions carefully; include the travel days from the home country to Germany (departure day) and trip home (arrival day). The insurance covers the trip to/from Germany (house to house).
Please read the terms of HanseMerkur carefully.

How to enroll online for your insurance cover?

Please click on the number of your Host District below and follow the online instruction of the insurance program.

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