Ende eines Austauschjahres. Was macht eigentlich?????



Was machten eigentlich unsere Inbounds in dieser Corona Zeit? Gefragt habe ich zum Ende seines Austauschjahres Francisco, unser Schwimmtalent aus Mexico.


Hier sein bemerkenswerter Bericht:

My name is Francisco Alán Mayoral Valenzuela, I am 16 years old, I am passionate about Swimming and sports and I am currently a Rotary exchange student representing Mexico in the beautiful city of Berlin.

Previously I used to practice Swimming every day, from Monday to Saturday, except for the days when I had German course or some other commitment with Rotary or my host Family. 

My goal was to represent my Team Z88, Berlin and Mexico in the Northern Germany Championship.

Unfortunately the situation changed when the spread of the Corona virus began. 

The pools closed, the competitions were canceled and I had to move to a cozy town near Bremen.

After this drastic change, I decided to implement the exercises that my coaches from Berlin and Mexico indicated by creating new goal

After a while I realized what a great opportunity I had to better use of certain skills and learn new ones while having fun.

I practiced my jumping skills, because although I cannot practice my swimming start’s skills, jumping and entering the water, I could improve it from outside the water. I practiced sprinting running to maintain speed and I did a lot of strength exercises to strengthen myself

I also wanted to learn new things like handstanding and although I have already practiced it several times, I still do not succeed perfectly, but I will keep trying and learning.

Being out of Berlin, has made me realize how great this city is and how much I like being in it.  

Fortunately I have had the opportunity to spend a few days in Berlin in recent weeks.

I have tried to make the most of these days by exploring Berlin. This desire to enjoy every moment, is what has given me the highest teaching.

"The time is worth more than gold."

Coming to Berlin just one day after two months of not being here and not knowing when I’ll be back, in case I leave Berlín again, It was difficult for me and I wanted to do everything.

Fear and despair for not knowing for how long I was going to stay in Berlin, thinking about everything I'm missing to do, was a great load.

This helped me to give value to time, since the year of exchange, as same as life; sooner or later it comes to an end.

While we have time we must enjoy it and take it to the fullest by doing what makes us happy.  

In order of not to neglect my health and also to stay active, everything I have done in Berlin in recent days has been by bicycle.

I love riding my bike through the streets and parks of Berlin.  It is the best way to get to know the city and take care of my health. 

Without a doubt, the coronavirus has made me and everyone reflect and learn a lot about ourselves.

About German people I admire the solidarity that they have with their neighbor, the needy and the ones who are at risk, as instead of being paralyzed, they moved even more to seek solutions and not allow themselves to be overcome by this new virus.

They fought problems to keep life going.

In my case: I followed Online classes, training programs, I also went shopping and saw, how supermarkets minimize the risk of contagion and maintain their good service.

Thus Germany became an example for other countries of how to combat this Pandemic.

From my family I learned the importance of waking up early even if there is no classes or swimming practices the next day, the importance of having a routine, to make the time more effective and not letting myself be carried away by vices such as cell phones, television, social networks, junk food, laziness etc etc. 

I also learned to appreciate what I own, such as: my friends, my time, my freedom, the opportunities.

I have learned that I have the opportunity to make every day a great day by making the most of it, wherever you are, in Germany's largest city as well as in a small town on the banks of the Weser River.

Whatever you do, going to school and training or helping with housework and gardening, in any situation you can make the most of it and enrich yourself as a person, being a better version of you every day.

To conclude, although Germany is in a more relaxed situation with regard to the Corona virus, I would like to recommend to the people who are in countries that are currently facing the adversities of this new virus the following:

* Use your time in enriching activities for you.

* Learn, keep looking for new knowledge.

* Get active, wake up early, exercise.

* Eat healthy, avoid junk food.

* Live with the Family and talk with your loved ones.  Do not let yourself be distanced by social networks.

* Create new enriching habits like reading.

*Sets goals

* Stay positive and keep your head up.

* Don't fall into Fears.

* Don't be a conformist.  I know you can with more.


Every day is an opportunity to learn, grow, improve.


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